Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety? Don’t Avoid The Dentist.

Worried about visiting the dentist? You’re not alone! It’s actually quite common. Whether you…

  • Had a traumatic experience as a child
  • Are worried about the drill or needles
  • Simply don’t like someone being in your personal space
  • Are afraid you might gag
  • Don’t like the clinical sounds and smells that surround you

… we can help! At Shoreline Dental, we help you relax and feel at ease with a variety of sedation options.

It’s All About You!

Our goal is keeping your smile healthy and bright. If you’re not comfortable, then we know you can’t take advantage of the great oral care that we offer. That’s why we do everything possible, to meet your needs, for a positive dental experience.

Fact: It’s estimated that 1 out of every 10 Americans avoids the dental chair due to fear.

At our Milford and West Haven offices, we provide nitrous oxide gas and oral, conscious sedation options. You might have heard it called “laughing gas,” but nitrous oxide is an excellent method to eliminate anxiety. You simply breathe through a mask, that fits over your nose, to experience a warm, floaty sensation. Your muscles will relax, your worries will drift away and your procedure will be done before you know it.

Feeling a little anxious before you even get in the chair? Oral sedation is a great option! Not only can your dose be tailored to be most effective, it also acts quickly to reduce that sense of dread and worry.  

Let Us Know!

How can we make your appointment a positive one? Be sure to tell Dr. Tartagni, or our staff, about any concerns you have. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs and ease your anxieties. Ready to get started? Call Shoreline Dental today!